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    Hello Fellow Members of The You must be registered for see links,
    This Post Will Give You The Detailed Description of Rules Which Should Be Followed By Each and Every Thread Write Who Posts Here,
    Anyone Who Disobey The Rules Will Be Warned 2 Times, After That Admin Will Ban You. So Please Follow This Rules Before Posting Anything.

    Rules For Posting Threads are As Followed.
    • Always Make Text Align As Center. So That All of The Information Should Be Displayed Clear Cut and The Reader Can Read It Out Easily. Just Like I Did on The Top Description. [​IMG]

    • Add Appropriate Image Associated To The Brand or Site. So Users Can Identify Easily Just By Seeing The Image. Also It Will Be Great If You Try To Find Some Fancy Images. Fancy Images Attracts More Audience and It Makes Your Thread Colorful.

    • Use Different Styling in Your Post As Per The Importance of The Information. Like For Example: [​IMG]

    • Put Appropriate and Information Rich Description For The Thread. Good Description = More Audience. Your Description is The Feel of The Post.
    • Most Important Rule 1: Always Attach Proof Image in Your Thread. See Upper Image For Example of Proof Image.

    • Most Important Rule 2: Put Watermarks on The Proof Images as well as The Cover Images or Whatever Images You Put in Your Thread With Text "TopTipsTricks.com" Without Quotes. If You Don't Know How To Add Watermark To Images Then Ask in Shoutbox To The Forum Members. Any Forum Member Will Help. Example:[​IMG]

    • Most Important Rule 3: Always Hide The Username or Email of The Owner if it is Visible in The Proof Image. Example[​IMG]In Example Image, The "Not Allowed" Text in Image is Actually Hiding The Username of The Owner.

    • Most Important Rule 4: Always Hide The Login Details Using Following Tag Shown in Image. You Can Add The Login Info Separated By " : " [Without Quotes] or You Can Use Some "Short Link Service" Also. Example:[​IMG]

    • Most Important Rule 5: Always Put The Link of The "Login Page" of The Website, So That Users Don't Have To Find It By Themselves. Also Put The Decryption Keys or Password For Pastes If You Are Using Any Service Like Binbox, Spaste. Example: [​IMG]
    • Most Important Rule 6: Always Put a Description of How To Use The Credentials. Means If You Give Username Password Then It Is Not Necessary. But If You Are Sharing Something Like Cookie, or AccessURL Service Link or Something Else Which is Different Than Ordinary Login System, Then Put Description How To Use It. Example:[​IMG]
    • Most Important Rule 7: Never Add Pornographic Images as Proof Images in Threads. If You Posting an 18+ Account And You Are Adding Proof Then Try To Add Proof From Pages Like "Profile Page" or "Notifications Page". It's a Suggestion, So That You Don't Have To Hide More Nude Content. Example: [​IMG] This Proof Image is of X-art.com , But I Took Proof Image As of Owner's Profile Page. So It Dosen't Contains Videos and I Don't Have To Hide To Much.

    • Most Important Rule 8: Add At-least 4 Tags in Your Post. Tags Helps The Forum To Be Indexed By Search Engine Spiders. So It Increases Forum Traffic. Also One Thing To Keep in Mind That Don't Put Any Useless Tags Which Don't Belong or Refers To Your Own Post. Like: For Example, If You Are Posting Netflix Account Then Only Add Tags Belongs To Netflix. Don't Add Tags of Different Services, Because Anyone Can Search Posts Based Upon The Tags Written in Posts, And If They Get False Results Then The Audience Will Loose The Interest in Website. Example:[​IMG]

    Please Follow All of The Above Rules. If You Don't Follow Any Of The Above Rules, Then You Will Be Banned. And Please Help These Forum To Grow More and More By Referring To Your Friends and Family Members.
    Enjoy and Keep Visiting.
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    Nice thread

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